• Consent Gathering - News - updated 24th Mar 2019

    What's alive in us

    Updates since emails on 14th Feb 2018

    The last email was sent more than a month ago, so I feel responsible to communicate with you what's the current situation with the project.


    After the event, I and Hermina organized a special meeting where I shared my view on the future with a selected group of people that expressed interest in helping with the project continuation. On 17th Feb 2019, 12 people showed up and following happened:


    1. Mariusz announced statistics about the event:
    Event 2 - 62 total, Core Team: Gi, Hermina, Mariusz, Klaus, Mariusz. Total 14x full-time volunteers + 3x 2h volunteers during the event


    2. Mariusz announced Feedback and budget, compiled from feedback form responses, receipts, estimations. That is also available for you now, in a more simplified version.


    3. Mariusz expressed his asks ("wishes") going forward:

    - Distribute the power into consensus-based decision making and shared financial/legal accountability

    - Aim to build a non-formal, self-learning community - feedback, review, listening, full transparency, invitation in its core

    - I want to focus myself on the role of Overall Strategy, Hosting, Fostering and Space Holding activities. (I especially don't want to be involved in Logistics/Decoration)


    4. We shared ideas, wishes and decided on the following:

    - Decisions will be made as a group about future decisions

    - We established Slack as a tool to communicate within that group


    Hermina has, since the meeting in February, decided to leave the project.

    After the second event, Gi decided to leave the project.


    As of today, there are no more dates set yet, something to come from a new structure.


    What I believe would help to organize the "Consent Gathering" event, is your engagement.


    I especially want some new people to take responsibility for these roles:


    Venue Scout


    Finding a venue suitable for the event and arrange a technical visit with Venue team
    Following the list and researching new places
    Discussing the pricing and negotiation (Portuguese appreciated but not required)
    Sharing with the team photos/videos
    Visiting venue to see what needs to be prepared, take photos and share with Bar owner
    Leading the consensus decision and organize paying the contract costs, booking the place

    Setup & Logistics manager


    Design and set up decoration

    Design and set up lights
    Design and set up furniture setup
    Make sure we have enough people for the setup day and holds them accountable
    Make sure we have a good venue from the scouts
    Prepares the list for decoration items to buy/rent
    Maintains a task list and holds people accountable to deliver
    Coordinates transport of resources
    Make sure we have a complete list of things to transport, buy, holds accountable and delegates to others logistical and shopping tasks
    Maintaining a shopping list and tracking progress and costs
    Setup health stations in the rooms
    Setup printings, instructions
    Make sure cleaning is happening - delegating cleaning tasks

    If you see yourself in this role and would like to contribute to the project with these skills, please let us know!


    Thanks, Mariusz